An Owner’s Representative is an individual or company hired by an owner to act as an on-site representative in their behalf and ensure a successful building project outcome.

The owner’s rep acts as the trusted advisor to the owner, orchestrating all the various components of a building project; serving as liaison between the architect, engineer, general contractors, suppliers, vendors, tenants, and all other involved parties.


As Owner Representatives, Franklin & Oak’s responsibility to the owner is to deliver a project on schedule and within budget, while maintaining harmony from beginning to end throughout the job site.

Franklin & Oak’s responsibilities may include:

  • Assisting the owner during the pre-construction phase

  • Serving as intermediary between contractors and designers

  • Overseeing the project budget and schedule

  • Handling purchases, bids, and payments

  • Administrative issues, legal proceedings, regional regulations/zoning

  • Construction analysis and planning

  • Final Acceptance and punch list completion

  • Furnishing periodic reports

  • Quality assurance/quality control inspections

  • Serving as client proxy for any necessary proceedings

Owners depend on Franklin & Oak to protect their interests by bringing project knowledge and experience to the table. Franklin & Oak provides both technical expertise in Special Inspections and financial protection through Integrity Monitoring, allowing our clients the peace of mind needed to focus on primary business matters without interruptions or distractions.

Owner's Representative Construction NYC